Parkour Philosophy—Control and Creativity in Movement

a guy wearing glasses jumping over a wall

Did You Know?

Someone who does parkour is called a traceur. This comes from the French verb for “to trace,” implying that you are drawing a path through the city as you run. The word parkour itself also comes from French. It used to be parcours, but the spelling was changed to give the word more energy.

a woman climbing a fence

In the Media and Pop Culture

David Belle, parkour's founder, choreographed a couple scenes in the film Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time. Because it is based on a video game, the film features many intense parkour scenes. Some of the actors were even cast based on their previous parkour experience.

a woman balancing sideways on a wall

Parkour or Freerunning?

The original name for parkour was “L'art du déplacement” or “the art of movement.” When David Belle wanted to leave his original group, his practice became known as “parkour.” Soon his old partner Sébastien Foucan started using the term “freerunning.” Although very similar, they have developed into slightly different arts.

a woman poised to jump off of a wall

Safety First

Do not attempt any parkour moves without proper training and preparation first. It might result in very serious injury. In reality, when you have had good instruction and preparation, safety is part of the definition of parkour. It is taking the safest path and avoiding injury because you are the one in control.

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